Our Story

Founded by mother of three Amy Lundy, The Mother of All Baby Showers® was created with parents at the helm. We connect new parents and parents-to-be with others in the local area, and local and national resources as well, thus creating a strong, accessible support system. Our national events also aim to celebrate pregnancy and parenthood — however, the way we do so is far different than the traditional baby shower.


While walking into a store, talking with friends and asking your doctor can answer some of your questions, the toughest part can be not knowing what questions to ask. MOABS offers just that, a comfortable, enjoyable, non-overwhelming, non-judgmental place to discover more of what you need and want, and learn more about what you don’t already know so help make your decision-making easier. Think of us a curator of pregnancy and parenting products and services, bringing together your favorite brands, that are of true value to you and your growing family. We’ve been there, we get it, and we are here for you, as are our hand-picked event partners. And we’re here for you throughout the year, just a tap on our website, a click on our social media outlets, or a call or email away.


Whether you are expecting, recently had a baby or just entered the terrible 2s, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information and resources available, not to mention the quickly changing intel. At each local event, you determine how you’d like to enjoy your child-free evening, choosing from ample opportunities to learn, explore and be pampered. Support and resources are provided in an open forum, allowing you to educate yourself on your own terms.


You can always expect to leave our events with a renewed sense of confidence and energy. That’s because MOABS is much more than the standard parenting trade show or expo — we’re a community of individuals who truly care about each other, and that’s why our moms and dads come back year after year.  Join us and experience MOABS for yourself!