Should pregnant women get flu shots?

By Sarah S. Payne, MD, Premier Integrated OBGYN 
It is the season for sniffles, coughs and chicken soup. Medical providers frequently recommend getting a head start in October on warding off the flu with a flu shot. Does

What I learned from being pregnant that makes me a better OB/GYN

 By Laura Boyer, MD, Premier Integrated OBGYN


Most moms-to-be experience anxiety during pregnancy. But what’s it like for an OB/GYN physician to feel anxiety during her pregnancy? I can tell you, because I just gave birth…

Q & A with Life365 Portraits

By: Dave Canaan, Director of Photography, Life365 Portraits 

We’re delighted to introduce our readers to Life365 Portraits, our Denver partner. They are a national business that provides memorable photography services in the comfort of your home…