AHN Women Supports Your Family

June 24, 2019

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Families come in all shapes and sizes. And new additions to a family can be an exciting but unsure time. Our presenting partner in Pittsburgh partner, AHN Women, understands that each woman has unique health care needs. That's why they offer compassionate and comprehensive care through their network of more than 100 obstetricians and gynecologists and hundreds of other specialists who work together to care for women. 


Their resources online focuses on helping mothers, babies and their support systems by giving information and tips on how to stay HEALTHY, HAPPY and EDUCATED during and after pregnancy.


Caring for moms and babies in every trimester, including the 4th trimester is their priority. You can find some tidbits below, but be sure to check out their entire pregnancy and 4th trimester information HERE.


 1st Trimester: Congratulations on your big news!

There’s a lot to think about, and we’re here to help answer questions about the healthy habits, pregnancy dos and don’ts, and prenatal care.


What's happening with you and your baby during Month 2?


Mom: Increased blood volume.

Baby: Heart beats with regular rhythm.

Tip: 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity each day is sufficient. Break it up into smaller increments, if necessary (e.g., 10 minutes, three times a day).


2nd Trimester: There’s the baby bump!

Now that you’re a few months in, it’s a good time to get a few things done before your baby arrives — install the car seat, plan for maternity leave, or spend some alone time with your partner.


What's happening with you and your baby during Month 5?


Mom: Heart beats faster.

Baby: Active and turns.

Tip: Try prenatal yoga that can include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and relaxation. Or, try meditation and relaxation on your own. Always check with your doctor before doing a new activity.



3rd Trimester: You’re almost there!

Take it easy as your belly grows, and use this time to relax and find the answers to any questions you have about what to expect at the hospital or the first few hours and days with your new baby.


What's happening with you and your baby during Month 8?


Mom: Immunity transfers to baby to protect them at birth.

Baby: Skull remains soft and flexible for the birth.

Tip: Make your house safe and sanitary for when the baby comes home.


4th Trimester: You did it – your family has grown!

As you settle in with your new baby, this postpartum period is all about finding that life balance with the help of family and friends. We’re here if you need us, too!


What's happening with you and your baby during Month 10?


Mom: If nursing, breasts feel enlarged as milk comes in.

Baby: Infant hunger cues include: awakening, soft sounds, mouthing (clicks, sticking out tongue), hand-to-mouth activity, and increased crying.

Tip: Snack when your baby snacks. Include nutrients especially important to this trimester: protein, calcium, and iron.


Visit AHN.org/pregnancy to learn more and download resources.