MOABS The Cincinnati Edition Featured Speaker - Tera Blake

June 11, 2018

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Meet Tera Blake, the featured speaker this year at MOABS Cincinnati! Tera is a mom of 3 boys, wife and the metereologist for local 12 Weather Authority and Good Morning Cincinnati. When not watching the skies, Tera is running around after her three young sons. Both Tera and her husband are from Illinois and love that they are close to family in the Midwest. Tera loves her family, her job, sleeping when allowed, exercising, and watching movies. Her guilty pleasure is reality television.

We recently had the chance to sit down and learn more about Tera. Read on to find out how she balances motherhood, and a busy life.

1. How is life as a mom of 3?

 Crazy, messy but perfect. I have dreamt my whole life about being a mom to 3 kiddos and I blessed to be living it. I am tired, even more tired with 3 than 2 but it is so worth it! My boys are 5, 3 & 6 months. . .my older two adore each other. Let’s be honest, they get on each other’s nerves too but they are best buddies and I cannot wait to see all 3 of them together playing and teaching each other new things! My youngest already loves watching and interacting with them. I only have one brother. We are exactly opposite in every way so I cannot wait to see the bond these 3 will have as they grow!


2. Tell us what it’s like being a meteorologist every day on television?

Busy, challenging, stressful and fun is the best way to describe being a meteorologist on television. Every day is different. I have lived in 4 states and had 3 babies in 3 different cities. I am a farmer’s daughter that lived in the same house that my dad was raised in and now my brother is raising his family in. I chose a profession that is so different and very much even out of my own comfort zone but that keeps life fun! I have learned so much about weather all over the country and learned so much about myself along the way..


 3. What advice do you have for first time parents?

Honesty, Helpfulness, and Patience are most important! Be HONEST with each other. Be HONEST when you need a break. Be HONEST when you are frustrated. Be HONEST when you see your partner holding this beautiful baby that you made together- tell them how amazing it is. Be HONEST when you need more attention from your spouse.  Also, HELP each other. It is so overwhelming at first! Fill up her drink, do the laundry, make meals without asking- those kind gestures go so far! My husband is amazing at that! And last PATIENCE. For the first year, you are in survival mode. I promise it is a beautiful thing BUT you are constantly battling a new newborn or sibling struggle. The statement, “This too shall pass” sums up the first year. You figure out one obstacle only for your little one to start something new just a few days later!


4. What are some of your tried and true parenting must haves?

Angelcare Breathing Monitor- this is the only way I sleep! Measures breathing and alerts if there is any pause.

Spectra Breast Pump- quiet and the best out there right now!

Boppy Pillow! Great for momma and siblings/cousins that want to hold baby as well as aid them as they start to gain strength and sit up.

Rock n’ Play- skip the bassinet! This has been a life saver for my family! My boys sleep through the night in this!

Sound Machine and Heating Pad. Sound machine helps baby sleep and stay sleeping! And always warm their bedding before laying down. Helps mimic your body temperature so the transfer doesn’t wake them!


 5. What does a day in the life of Tera Blake look like?

Alarm goes off at 1215am…I sneak out of my bedroom so I don’t wake my almost 6 month old up. Hop in the shower and then down eating breakfast while pumping all by 115am. I arrive at work around 2 am where I forecast, email, make all my graphics, do hair & makeup and on air from 430-10am. I pump twice while at work too! I rush home for hugs, kisses and to feed baby! If it is the school year, my husband picks up my oldest from school at noon and I make lunch. Lunch with 3 boys 5 and under takes nearly an hour to get all fed and satisfied, haha so by the time we are done. I am beyond ready for a nap. All of us, except for my husband naps during the afternoon. This is how I survive. I am a split shift sleeper. I get a good chunk from 2-6pm and then again from around 8pm-midnight. I get up in between my “naps”- workout, play with my boys and prepare for the next day! Sound exhausting, it is! BUT I love that I can be a working mom...I get the best of both worlds. I get to cheat the system- working while they sleep and then being home with them during the day.

Come meet Tera at MOABS:The Cincinnati Edition Friday June 15th at Treehouse Kids Co.