My Wish for Moms

May 21, 2019


May is #MaternalMentalHealth month. Some of you may have seen Chrissy Tiegen on the Today Show. Or maybe you saw the hashtag #MyWishforMoms shared all over social media a few weeks ago. This is an amazing campaign spearheaded by an incredible hospital system in Pittsburgh Allegheny Health Network. I have the honor of partnering with them on our MOABS event.

A lot of you see my life, my family, my work travels and think it all looks fun. And it is. But everyday isn’t like that. Real life is often grueling, exhausting, and uncertain. I am an emotional ball a lot of the time trying to balance motherhood and work. I just keep it inside a lot so as not to burden anyone else with my worries. But that’s not the right approach. And over time I’ve gotten much better about asking for help to alleviate some of my stress and guilt!

As a new mom I walked around like a zombie trying to navigate my new role as mom and my new role as an entrepreneur. I was emotional, not well rested or well fed for like a year. I didn’t have PPD, aka postpartum depression, but if I did I wouldn’t have known where to turn to, who to turn to or felt comfortable saying anything to anyone because there has been a stigma for years that PPD makes moms somehow less than. Wrong! It’s some bs image that has been created of new moms, probably started by celeb moms and tv shows. New moms don’t bounce back to pre-baby weight instantly or rest when the baby sleeps or just go back to work and easily leave the baby at home with a sitter. Those first several months or even years are messy and scary and unpredictable and incredibly emotional. And as new moms we need more mental health support than ever before. Thank g-d that AHN has stepped up to help moms around the world get the help they need. To help moms figure out if what they’re going through is really just a lack of sleep and malnutrition or if it’s something more. And whatever it is, help them treat it and get to a healthy, positive place. About time!

The truth is as a new mom we forget about ourselves and pour everything into the baby. We lose sight of ourselves for good reason, but we have to be careful that we don’t get lost for too long—in our thoughts, feeling lonely and feeling helpless. Don’t assume it will pass. Don’t assume everyone feels this way and you’re overreacting. You are never alone. AHN can help, no matter where you live. And I want to help you too.

#MyWishforMoms is simple: I want new moms to know that you brought a child into the world. You pretty much are Superwoman. But even Superwoman had help. Don’t be afraid, speak up, ask for help, and accept help. Even heros know when to call for back-up.

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