Q & A with Life365 Portraits

June 05, 2019

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By: Dave Canaan, Director of Photography, Life365 Portraits 

We’re delighted to introduce our readers to Life365 Portraits, our Denver partner. They are a national business that provides memorable photography services in the comfort of your home. Their expertise is like their name---covering life’s precious moments! MOABS is all about connecting expectant and new families with resources for their families, so we decided to sit down for a q&a with one of Life365’s photographers so our readers can learn more about their process and family photography in general.  


Question: What are your thoughts on maternity photos? When should they be taken?   

Dave: Maternity photos are a great way of capturing the magic that is creating a new baby! Maternity photoshoots are typically taken between the 7th and 8th month so you can show off that baby bump.  


Question: What are the milestones parents should capture of the new baby?   

Dave: Early milestones: newborn, 6 month when the baby can first sit up, and 1 year when they’re turning into a real person. We also recommend taking photos every year for their birthday. 



Question: How often do you recommend family photos?   

Dave: For a new family, we recommend taking photos every year for the first couple of years. Then, when the child is in school, we recommend no less than every 2 years.  



Question: What are your thoughts on including your favorite pet in the family photo? Any photos to get your dog/cat to sit still?   

Dave: Pets are as much as part of the family as the baby and often are better sitting still ðŸ˜Š Use treats to get a pet to sit still rather than squeaky toys in which they’ll want to play.  


Question: Where in the house do you recommend doing baby photos?  

Dave: Since we bring a photo studio to you, we can take photos anywhere we can set up. Off backdrop photos are nice in the baby’s room or by an oversized couch where the family tends to gather in.  



Question: I know Life365 also takes photos in some hospitals in the US, after the baby is born. Is that the same day of delivery, or when is that? And do I have time to get a blowout? (half kidding!)  

Dave: We do not take photos in the hospital but we are partnered with companies including Mom365 that photograph in the hospital.   


Question: How much can you expect to pay on the first year of baby photos?  

Dave: Everyone’s needs and wants are different and pinning down a price is hard. Our products range in price from $49 to $799, designed to fit every budget. We also offer a convenient payment play for all orders.  


Question: What’s one thing people wrongly assume about taking family photos?   

Dave: That the photos must be overproduced- whether it’s the outfits or props. This turns an already slightly challenging image into chaos.  


Question: Why did you decide to join Life365’s team of photographers?  
Dave: He had been working as a photographer in high school and knew it was a field he was interested in. Dave always like working with kids and families so it was a natural fit.  


Question: Where can I find out more about Life365?   

Dave: www.life365portraits.com