What Being a Mother of Three is REALLY Like

October 03, 2018

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What being a mother of three is really like…

Let me start by saying that I always knew I wanted three children. I didn’t dream of being a mother and I didn’t love children as a kid, in fact I never even babysat. But I did love my brothers and I actually liked being a middle child. I knew that if I could, I wanted to be a mom of three and luckily I married my husband and he’s from a family of three children.

But getting there wasn’t easy. My first child was born 5 weeks early, my second child took more than a year to conceive and my third child only came after suffering a miscarriage. I worked hard, I shed a lot of tears, I spent money on all sorts of ovulations kits and even a fertility doctor when I was panicked I wouldn’t get pregnant again after my middle child was born.

It sometimes feels like a miracle that I have three, so I feel grateful and I don’t want my words to be misunderstood. Having said that, three is not for the faint of heart. Now I know why my mom always told me “you can sleep when you’re dead.” Because I know I’m not sleeping anytime soon!

Being a mother of three means…

  1. Juggling with all fingers and toes, at all times
  2. Knowing that at least 1 child will wake up almost every night at 3am
  3. Scheduling and overscheduling to ensure everyone gets an equal amount of attention
  4. Turning bath time into a waterpark, just to get everyone clean simultaneously to save time
  5. Relying on your older children to help take care of each other (heating up a turkey dog in the microwave for her younger brother is my 7 year old’s specialty)
  6. You’re bringing at least 1 additional kid to a playdate (sorry?!)
  7. Taking a shower (alone) feels like going to a spa
  8. You’re never, ever REALLY alone (mom, mommy, mama, maaaaaaaaa a la Stewie style)
  9. Accepting the trickle affect—sickness gets passed from one child to the next to the next…and then mom and/or dad!
  10. Someone is sitting in the middle seat or the back row on every family car ride
  11. We’re outnumbered, and the kids love it!
  12. A sibling is schlepping to another sibling’s activities on a regular basis
  13. 15 minutes late is on time
  14. Chances are, one of the three will move back closer to home as an adult, right???? RIGHT???
  15. Your 3rd child gets awesome (in mom’s opinion!) hand me downs
  16. Two different drop-off times and schools most years
  17. Someone is splitting their Twix or Peanut Butter Cup with the baby
  18. Someone feels left out, from time to time
  19. Two built-in besties for life per child
  20. Loving more than you ever thought was even possible. When that third child arrives, every hole in my heart was filled. And let’s face it, friends come and go, even parents will go eventually, but siblings are forever.