When I Knew It Was Time to Hire A Babysitter

April 10, 2019

Babysitter and kids

Amy Lundy, Founder of MOABS and Mother of three


8 years ago I was a mother of one. I had just started my small business and I was really dipping my toe back into the working world after taking 6 months of unpaid maternity leave. I was eager to make a living, but I was not eager to leave my baby. So I didn’t. 


I would take meetings with potential partners and at first everyone would ooooh and aaaawww over my infant. I was so proud—she was so sweet and beautiful, just sitting in her car seat at the table at lunch cooing and smiling and sitting still. But before long, she was crawling, then she was walking. Then she was talking (loudly!). Within a year I found myself in a major business growth spurt, while my child was growing up simultaneously in front of my eyes, and I could no longer get away with schlepping her to business events. I was scheduling calls in between naps, and then the naps shortened and the calls lengthened and all efficiency went out the window (as did my sanity!). I still wasn’t quite ready to leave my baby.